Immigration law

We advise and offer our clients a full range of services in the field of immigration, in particular regarding work and/or residence permits for Switzerland.

Due to its many years of experience, Suter Howald Immigration & Payroll has a complete benchmark of the cantonal and federal practices and is able to submit application requests in every canton of Switzerland, irrespective of the language region.

We deal with cantonal and federal administrations on a daily basis, which enabled us to established excellent relationships with them.

Amongst others, our services in immigration include:

  • Customized advice regarding appropriate types of work and/or residence permits
  • Filing of applications in German, French and Italian and in all cantons in Switzerland
  • Negotiation of rulings with immigration authorities
  • Assistance with translations and/or legalizations of documents
  • Coordination with cantonal business development authorities
  • Implementing immigration aspects into a global business strategy/ compliance in immigration
  • Complete outsourcing of the specific part of HR-services “work and residence permits”
  • Additional services such as advice in employment and labour law, services such as incorporation of companies, etc.
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